it's easier than you think

About Jennica

So who the heck am I, you might wonder? I’m Jennica. Jennica Maxfield. Single mom of 4. Former fat girl. Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. Athlete. Coach. Happiness junkie. Transformational wizard. Badass extraordinaire. My life has been quite the wild ride, to be honest, especially in the last few years. From a shy, insecure, introverted ball of sadness to a confident, fun, adventure seeker, I am the happiest I have ever been and sit in awed gratitude everyday for the amazingness my life has become.

I just got so sick and tired of listening to my own excuses and living a small and boring life. And so I changed. Not overnight, mind you. Little steps. Everyday. And not only did I face my fears, I actually also learned how to use them to guide me into radically life changing experiences. And now I’m on a mission to help other people realize their own limitless possibility of awesomeness on this planet.